Sanitizing Services Vancouver

We use eco-friendly and people friendly solutions approved by Health Canada to disinfect and sanitize surfaces. 

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Steam Disinfecting Cleaning

We use commercial grade steam cleaners suitable for residential or commercial properties. This solution cleans and disinfects surfaces at the same time, easily removing dirt, grease and stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mold and more.

Easily disinfect any surface without chemicals – safer for you, safer for the environment.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Steam is cleaner

Using superheated dry vapour, clean, disinfect, sanitize, degrease, deodorize any surface, chemical free.

Hot steam cleans better.

Using nothing but regular tap water, steam cleans and sanitizes surfaces at temperatures of 320F/160C

Goodbye Chemicals

Steam is the most natural cleaning method, and can kill germs, bacteria and viruses as well as eliminate mold, dust mites & more.

No Job Is Too Small

Whether it’s a commercial or residential job, we promise to deliver the same level of high quality service, at an affordable price.

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